Continous Integration in Flex 2

Continous Integration in Flex 2
This ain’t something I’m going to try until Flex launches properly – I’ve already gone to hell and back with all the class path ‘tweaks’ Adobe keep implementing into their builds. Having said that, for the project I’m currently working on the ability to cut daily builds would have been a lifesaver and I’m caught in fire fight as a result of not being able to implement something like this in Flash using ARP.

For the first time I understand why you’d bother investing time in ANT. Until now the whole thing just seemed like overkill on so many different levels. Fitting Flash into a large scale production flow has become a necessity and this solution goes a long way to providing a means for Flex to fit into the production flow most Technologists are used to. It also highlights the key differences between Flex and Flash…sure you can build anything in Flash that you can in Flex – until it comes to enterprise level applications, then it’s just pain….unadulterated pain.


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