Videoblogs – channels of the future

Heard of Robert Scoble? No, I hadn’t either until yesterday. He was a Microsoft employee who was responsible for much of the positive press around Microsoft. Through his blog he managed to carve a human face for Microsoft and did much to get people to take a new look at the long hated company.

He has now resigned and gone to work for PodTech.net. Heard of them? No I hadn’t either (do you see a theme forming??). PodTech.net is a site which, until recently, was run by a husband & wife team in their spare time. I say recently because they’ve both just quit their jobs in order to dedicate all their time to podcasting/videocasting because they’re raking in $85,000 a week in advertising revenue.

Now just off the bat, that’s alot of money to be making, and it’s clearly not sustainable, but it does emphasis what I’m seeing more and more with the clients I work with. There is a clear shift away from traditional media advertising towards niche markets where advertiser’s money can be shown to have a greater effect and increase sales. Obvious, I know, but a tipping point which creates bubbles…


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