Monetizing consumer created content

With YouTube now owned by Google, how long will it be before Joe Bloggs- that crazy guy who’s actually creating the content people go to YouTube to watch – realizes that their content and the time they’ve taken to create it, is worth something…It’ll be VERY interesting to see how Google handles both this and copyright infringement in the months ahead. Will creators of content get money from Google? Will it be from click-throughs, or will there be associated advertising based on the content being viewed and how long the viewer is on the page for? Should content that’s 30mins in length have a different advertising model to a 1min clip?

These are some of the questions Brightcove is currently answering with its video distribution model. It is offering very adaptable solutions to very different types of content creators, from the big studios to web content creators. To me though, the content being distributed via Brightcove is of a higher caliber than what you find on YouTube. Think more along the lines of ‘channel’ creators rather than mobile phone mavericks with a video capability.
The truth is that there won’t be one single solution for such different content creators. The Long Tail will play its part, as will the ability for anyone to create their own schedule, rather than having one dictated to them because of ‘peak-time’ viewing – a tired revenue model which doesn’t have much longer.

Combine this with the fact that Flash 9 now enables full-screen playback and you’ve got a number of different revenue models catering for different types of content creator.

Brightcove’s going for the Long Tail whilst Apple’s going for the quality…I wonder which will win…


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