10 Facebook apps you may have missed

automatically pulls in the artists from the Favourite Music section of
your profile and alerts you when they’re playing your city. Also
creates decent aggregation pages around each band, pulling in videos
from YouTube and lists from Last.fm.

Eating – A neat little app from restaurant review site menuism,
enabling you to share your dining experiences and discover new
eateries. Slightly let down by a North American bias (no, I don’t want
to travel to London, Ontario for my evening meal…)

Flixster – nice integration of the movie site of the same name (reviewed here) which pulls in your existing ratings (something iLike
would do well to get sorted), shows what your friends have been
watching and provides access to the fiendishly addictive Never-Ending
Movie Quiz.

Friend Stats
– creates a page of lists and charts visualising aggregate data on your
facebook chums. So, now I know that the majority of my friends are
liberal graduates who like music and drinking, watching Lost, listening
to Muse and reading John Steinbeck…

– like The Guardian Weekend magazine Q&A feature (only with a
slightly smaller readership), Interview asks you a stream of
user-submitted questions which you can then add to your profile,
letting everyone know how witty and erudite you are.

– expose your bookshelf to your friends, detailing what you’ve read,
what you’re reading now and what’s next on your list. You can find
books by author, title or ISBN or import your Amazon wishlist. Once
added, you can rate, review or recommend each title and find others who
have read it.

– share your favourite YouTube videos with your friends without leaving
the comfort of Facebook. A slick interface and the option to import
your favourites from YouTube are the icing on the cake.

TV Shows

– release your inner Nick Horby and rank your favourite TV shows.
There’s 15,760 titles in the database, delivering fairly decent
recommendations based on your list. The app also includes TV news and
listings for the US, the UK, Canada and Australia.

Where I’ve Been
– colour code a map of the world according to where you’ve lived,
visited and want to visit. Turns out I’m not that well travelled after

encourages users to ask and answer yes/no questions on any conceivable
topic. Strangely addictive although liable to quickly give away your
moral and political leanings.

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