Conversations are now the kingdom

The old Packaged Goods Media (PGM) model, driven by compaines such as BBC, ITV and Sky, has evolved towards the new Conversational Media (CM) model driven by MySpace, GoogleTube and Facebook. WhilstContent is King, Conversations have now become the kingdom.

Digital advertising is exemplified by how a story, video clip or band on myspace can spread virally across many groups of “friends” who share similar interests. Traditionally, the way this would occur would be via ‘water-cooler’ moments; the office chat during which time you ask each other what you did last night. This new, digital advertising, is based on those moments occuring virtually. The same conversations and word-of-mouth opinons are being voiced as they were by the water coolers, but it’s designed for a generation of multi-taskers that excel at consuming information in “sound bites.” It is about the conversation and the narratives that can shape and direct conversations and the electricity that we feel when connecting with the human sources of content.

Unlike “old media,” where content was the star, in new media, it’s about enabling the users by giving them control of what they digest, how they digest it and with whom.


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